Blue Ink is member of Ultimheat Alliance Controls and heating equipments

Blue Ink is member of Ultimheat Alliance Controls and heating equipments

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Controls, Components, Heating equipments

Reasons why Blue Ink-Ultimheat Silicone heaters are the best

Heating element

We produce our own heating cords, with special wires coiled around fiber glass or aramid cores. This means that we can always select the best technical solution and cords composition.
Incorporating the heating cords in the silicone fabrics is CNC made, thus reducing the labor cost. Ultimheat has patented 2 original ways to produce heating mats.

Silicone boots

We produce our own silicone molded parts, and we developed silicone boots for all possible applications, temperature sensors, thermostats, cables, wires. They are designed to provide the best tear strength, and the maximum ingress protection.

Cables and grounding

When supplied with cables, all our heaters provide grounding terminals, for connecting the power supply grounding conductor the metal container body.

Cut to special size and dimensions.

One specific advantage of the silicone heaters is the possibility to make then in any possible shape, and with holes when needed. We cut them with the latest technology CNC controlled high pressure water cutting equipment.

High temperature self-regulated heating wire

We produce silicone heaters with constant power or with positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating wires, (without temperature drift in time, common with PTC polymer heaters) and this opens new applications specially in heat tracing. Depending of heating wire alloy used, we can adjust power reduction between 20°C and 200°C up to 45%.

Silicone quality

In our own factory, the silicone is laminated and bonded to fiberglass fabric. We use resins with the well-known iron oxide temperature resistance improvement additive (And not an orange color pigment that does not improve the temperature resistance and just mimic the color).

Industrial use and ingress protection

We know that these heaters are used for industrial and professional applications. So, everything in their design was taken into account to comply. We make them in different thicknesses to match the application requirement. PUVulcanizing the silicone heaters with our own process provides a waterproof seal all around on edges of heaters.

For the most demanding applications, we can incorporate stainless steel mesh fabric inside the heater to provide additional strength, mechanical protection, resistance to puncture and efficient grounding.

Temperature controls

- Most of thermostats, and all electronic temperature control boxes are manufactured by Ultimheat, providing the most adapted technical solution to temperature control, from the simple temperature limiter to the most sophisticated remote control, double display PID controller with sensor mounted on the silicone heater surface.

- Remote temperature controls are using 5 ways IP67 connector for power supply wires and temperature sensor wires, to connect to the silicone heater. This provides easy transportation and maintenance

- For silicone belts used on container surface, a remote control with a probe for direct sensing of the temperature of the heated product liquid is available.

Temperature homogenization

When silicone belts heaters are used on drums, efficiency can be improved by using a stirrer to increase the thermal contact with the container walls, and reduce the huge temperature difference between the bottom and the top of the heated product that we can see during the tests. This stirrer, specially designed for this application, fits the standard 2” thread of drums and can be combined with a temperature sensor probe. (Visible in the Jacket heater catalogue)

Overheat protection

Most of silicone heaters can be equipped with an overheat limiter, usually set at 190°C, in contact with the silicone heater outside surface. Most of boots used in this application also provide thermal insulation from the outside ambient temperature. Then the silicone heater is protected against overheat and burning.

Reducing heating time

- Silicone heaters can be supplied with silicone foam insulation (red) bonded on their external side. We can also provide a cheaper thermal insulation using PVC-NBR foam insulation (black) for applications with surface temperature lower than 120°C.

-A large choice of insulated lids, base insulation devices, and insulated jackets allow to provide insulation on containers and reduce heating time.
(Visible in the Jacket heaters catalogue)

-Heating time can be also reduced by using the full stainless-steel base heaters for drums, that are specially designed for this purpose. (Visible in the Jacket heaters catalogue)

Mounting and fixing

- Belts heaters are tightened by adjustable length springs

- Belts are easy to handle with the finger hole tab

- Flexible pads can be factory bonded to pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), or supplied to customer with room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone glue

- Non-flexible pads can be supplied factory vulcanized to any metal board, plate or stamped part.

- Our stamping and welding division can supply any sub assembly including heater and other components, even fully assembled water heaters with bonded or vulcanized silicone heaters.
Compared to traditional tubular sheathed heating elements, this solution avoids the scaling on heaters tubes and is not prone to progressive humidity ingress in the heating elements which results in loss of electrical insulation.

Electrical safety

Used in industrial environments, these silicone heaters may have to endure various hazards: hits, submersion, overheating, spillage etc. For these reasons, we have developed a differential circuit breaker calibrated at 20 or 30mA, for the ultimate protection of people against electric shocks. Because of its industrial use, we designed its enclosure to offers the best protection against washing with hot water under high pressure (IP69K), and the highest level of protection against shocks (IK10). This product is visible on the Jacket heaters catalogue.