Blue Ink is member of Ultimheat Alliance Controls and heating equipments

Blue Ink is member of Ultimheat Alliance Controls and heating equipments

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Reasons why Blue Ink-Ultimheat jacket heaters are the best

Heating element

- Our heating cords pattern is computer designed and CNC stitched on high strength and water-resistant polyester envelope. This provides the shortest assembly time.

-The small distance between our silicone insulated heating cords (Our 20mm pitch is the smallest on the market), provide the best temperature homogeneity without hot spots.


- For protection against electrical shocks, particularly if the jacket is pierced, the heating wire is protected by a grounded metal braid

- There is a stainless-steel plate on the internal face of the heater. This plate is connected to the ground. Its purpose is to provide grounding continuity between power supply cord and metal drums surface.


- Envelope design is made on computer and cut by CNC laser, offering the best dimensions accuracy and the shortest assembly time

- Envelope is coated by PTFE on its internal face in contact with the container to improve its insulation and temperature resistance.

-Envelope is coated with PU on its external face to provide the best water ingress value.

Thermal insulation

-A high temperature resistant foam is put between the heater and the external envelope. This insulation foam has a thermal insulation coefficient (Lambda λ) of 0,039W/mK, and therefore its thermal efficiency is about 3 times higher than a fiberglass foam insulated jacket. We don’t use fiberglass wool or rockwool insulation as their position in the jacket is not stable and as they are soaked in case of water ingress.

-2 different thicknesses of foam are available: 10mm for small dimension containers and best flexibility, and 20mm for drums and IBC.

Industrial use and ingress protection

We know that these heaters are used for industrial and professional applications. So, everything in their design was taken into account to comply. In our laboratory, we made intensive tests to reach mechanical resistance testing (IK), and ingress protection level IP65 or more for temperature controls and jackets wiring. We don’t accept for our product the IP40 of most of our competitors. Our power supply cords are rubber insulated to resist industrial environment

Temperature controls

-A large choice of temperature controls is available, from the simple fixed setting disc thermostat, to the sophisticated PID double display electronic controller. Then you can select the best suited heater for tout application.
-Temperature sensors used with electronic temperature controls can be NTC or Pt100, mounted inside the jacket, and in thermal contact with the container surface, or mounted inside a probe for direct sensing of the temperature of the heated product liquid.
- For some models, it is possible to choose a temperature control mounted on the jacket heater surface or a remote version.

Heating efficiency

These jacket heaters, because of their thermal insulation have a very good thermal efficiency, and this efficiency can be improved by using a stirrer to increase the thermal contact with the container walls, and reduce the temperature difference between the bottom and the top of the heated product. This stirrer, specially designed for this application, fits the standard 2” thread of drums, and can also be used on IBC.

Overheat protection

Each jacket heater is equipped with an overheat thermostat, in contact with the container surface and with the heating wires (Ultimheat patent). Then the jacket surface temperature cannot rise dangerous values. This overheat thermostat is calibrated at a low temperature (50 or 65°C) for plastic containers jacket heaters, to avoid to reach the plastic softening temperature, and at a higher temperature (135°C) for metal containers

Reducing heating time

-A large choice of lid and base insulation devices, for carboys, buckets, drums and IBC, allow to improve insulation efficiency and reduce heating time.

-Heating time can be also reduced by using immersion heater (in IBC) or base heaters (in drums) that are specially designed for this purpose and fully made in stainless steel.


- Quick release metal buckles, similar to airplanes ones (We reject plastic buckles as they are too weak) allow diameter adjustment, and fast installation and removal.

- The large scarf stitched on the top side of each jacket heater provide a good holding, even on a slippery surface, on carboys, buckets, drums, and IBC

Electric Safety

Used in industrial environments, these jacket heaters may have to endure various hazards: hits, submersion, overheating, spillage etc. For these reasons, we have developed a differential circuit breaker calibrated at 20 or 30mA, for the ultimate protection of people against electric shocks. Because of its industrial use, we designed its enclosure to offer the best protection against washing with hot water under high pressure (IP69K), and the highest level of protection against shocks (IK10).


All these jacket heaters are using the same waterproof connector on the jacket surface. This technical solution makes it easy to remove the temperature control box to replace it if needed, or to upgrade the jacket heater with a more sophisticated temperature control.