Blue Ink is member of Ultimheat Alliance Controls and heating equipments

Blue Ink is member of Ultimheat Alliance Controls and heating equipments

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Controls, Components, Heating equipments

Reasons why Blue Ink-Ultimheat immersion heaters are the best

Heating element

- Heating elements are fully made in our factory, and inspected at every step of their production
- Our heating elements are using the purest high temperature magnesium oxide: this provides an increased life span even at high temperature.
- Our heating elements are using 80-20 Nickel-chrome alloy, this is the best alloy known for this application.
- They are dried at high temperature under very low humidity atmosphere and carefully sealed with 2 or 3 humidity resistant layers.
- Therefore, they keep their very high insulation resistance during years. Insulation value is 100% checked before shipment
- Internal cold zone, screws, nuts, washers are made of stainless steel, so no deadly contamination by iron oxide is possible.
- Tubes are carefully annealed, to avoid cracks during bending and forming.
- Tubes surface is polished and passivated after heat treatment, providing the best corrosion resistance.

- Critical places at bendings are X ray checked upon AQL (Average Quality Level) requirements.


- The brass fittings of the immersion heaters are all of our manufacture, made by hot forging to limit unnecessary material, and designed to allow easy attachment of junction boxes, while guaranteeing tightness.

- Stainless steel fittings are made by deep drawing to limit the weight and cost of the metal. They allow immersion heaters to be made entirely in stainless steel and without the addition of solder at the junction of the heating elements and the fitting.
- Associated with deep drawn stainless steel connection boxes, they allow the production of full stainless steel immersion heaters for the food, medical and chemical industries.

- Apart from the 1” series, it is possible to orient them after mounting on a tank connection.

Connection boxes

- Our range has dozens of connection boxes compatible with immersion heaters, of different sizes: in aluminium, in PA66, in stainless steel.
- These boxes have been specially designed for immersion heaters, and their mounting on them is done without drilling or tapping operations.
- They can receive suitable and easily accessible connection terminal blocks.
- Big sizes can receive temperature controls or safety thermostats, or even both.
- In the range of larger boxes, most are compatible with electronic temperature controls.

Temperature controls

- A large choice of temperature controls is available, from the simple one or 3 poles bulb and capillary thermostat, to the sophisticated PID double display electronic controller. Then you can select the best suited immersion heater for your application.
- Manual reset limiters (1, 2 or 3poles) can be added in most of enclosures, with or without an electronic temperature controller or a thermostat.

- Most of immersion heaters are available with one pocket for temperature sensor probe. The standard inside diameter of this pocket is 7mm, this allows the bulbs of thermostats or temperature sensors probe to be mounted inside.
- Temperature sensors used with electronic temperature controls can be thermocouple, NTC or Pt100, mounted inside the pocket for direct sensing of the temperature of the heated liquid.
- For some models, a second pocket can be added on request.