Blue Ink is member of Ultimheat Alliance Controls and heating equipments

Blue Ink is member of Ultimheat Alliance Controls and heating equipments

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Controls, Components, Heating equipments


Blue Ink's heating elements are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials other express warranty, written or oral, applies. No person is authorized to give any other warranty or assume any liability except by written statements from an officer of Blue Ink Co ltd. The warranty period extends for twelve months from date of shipment from the factory. The limitations on the warranty are as follows:

  • Products must be installed and maintained in accordance with Blue Ink Co ltd’s instructions.
  • Users are responsible for the suitability of the products to their application.
  • There is no warranty against damage resulting from corrosion, misapplication, improper specification or other operating conditions beyond our control.
  • The buyer must file claims against carriers from damage in transit.


Return the defective product, Freight Prepaid to our nearest distribution or to Blue Ink Co, Ltd.

Defective items will berepaired or replaced at our discretion, at no charge. Such repair or replacement is the exclusive remedy available from Blue Ink Co., Ltd. Blue Ink Co., Ltd. is not liable for labor cost incurred in removal, reinstallation, or authorized repair of the product or for damage of any type whatsoever, including incidental or consequential damage.