Blue Ink is member of Ultimheat Alliance Controls and heating equipments

Blue Ink is member of Ultimheat Alliance Controls and heating equipments

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Controls, Components, Heating equipments

Reasons why Blue Ink-Ultimheat air heaters are the best

Heating elements

- Sheathed heating elements are fully made by us, and fins are pressed to comply with the requested heating length. Depending of the models, heating elements are then screwed on a frame assembly or TIG welded on it.
- As we use sheathed heating elements, there is no live and non-insulated heating wire.
- The surface watt density is carefully calculated to avoid dangerous overheat and too hot air. Only infrared heaters reach high surface temperature.
- They are dried at high temperature under very low humidity atmosphere and carefully sealed with 2 or 3 humidity resistant layers.
- Therefore, they keep their very high insulation resistance during years. Insulation value is 100% checked before shipment.
- Tubes are carefully annealed, to avoid cracks during bending and forming.
- Tube surface is polished and passivated after heat treatment, providing the best corrosion resistance.
- Tubes, electric terminals and fins are made in stainless steel. For this reason, they are resistant to corrosion, and can be used in humid places.
- Heating elements are fully made in our factory, and inspected at every step of their production.
- Our heating elements are using the purest high temperature magnesium oxide: this provides an increased life span even at high temperature.
- Our heating elements are using 80-20 Nickel-chrome alloy, this is the best alloy known for this application.

- Critical places at bendings are X ray checked upon AQL (Average Quality Level) requirements.

Heater body

- The frame of the radiators can be made in epoxy paint steel, or stainless steel both of them made in thick metal sheet (1mm), thus supporting high loads, compatible with a commercial or industrial application.
- The screws are in stainless steel.

- The design of the legs allows them to be mounted under the radiator or to the side, for installation on the floor, or on a wall.

Industrial use and ingress protection

- Radiator frames provide full protection against raining water on the finned heaters, and more, some models are IP69K tested, which means they are washable with high pressure hot water.

- The controls enclosures of the waterproof industrial versions have recessed setting and switching devices protected against shocks according to class IK10 (the highest).

Temperature controls, temperature limiters and tilt switch

- All radiators with protection frame are equipped in standard with an electromechanical bulb and capillary thermostat, or an electronic thermostat, or an electronic regulator with single or double digital display, and a manual reset temperature limiter.
- The waterproof industrial versions also include a tilt switch that cuts off the power supply.